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The RDS South West has supported many researchers with their proposals since its launch in October 2008 and the value of this guidance has started to show through the number of RDS SW supported applications receiving funding. Below are examples of just some of the many studies that have received funding.

Clare Gordon

An explorative study into the factors influencing relationship-centred care on a combined stroke unit.

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Dr Heidi Williamson

An innovative and interactive seven-week, online support programme for young people aged 12–17 with a visible difference.

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Professor Sarah Hewlett

A multicentre study designed to test a group cognitive-behavioural intervention for rheumatoid arthritis fatigue.

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Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill

A study exploring the effectiveness of an Arts for Health group to support people to maintain/regain a sense of wellbeing up to one year following a stroke.

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Dr Peter Scanlon

A study designed to increase the understanding of the factors leading to low uptake of diabetic retinopathy screening in Primary Care.

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Dr Jason Smith

A study designed to find out whether patients get more relief if they administer their own pain control.

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Professor Paul Stallard

A study designed to help school children who suffer
with anxiety.

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Dr Colin Greaves

A pilot study designed to evaluate a new approach to weight loss and physical activity in people with metabolic syndrome.

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Dr Lucy Ellis

A pilot trial of electropalatography (EPG) for children with hearing impairment.

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